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Say It!

We know you need to get it off your chest. Here’s the place. Vent! Tell cancer how you feel and share your story!

January 15, 2018
U took my dad....you took my mommy....my brother is sick now too.i have three cancers....cancer fukin ruined my life...fuk u fuk u!!!

January 6, 2018
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fucking Fuck YOU, cancer! FUCK YOU! You fucking worthless piece of shit, I fucking hate you!

December 24, 2017
F U cancer. Why are u a thing u just cause upset and sadness. U have taken two people very close to me and I have had about enough of it. So fuck u cancer ????

December 17, 2017
Fuck you cancer.
-Truth Really Is

December 13, 2017
Cancer you fucking motherfucker, Why won't you go fucking die and get out of my life. You ruin everything but you will not ruin me.

November 28, 2017
Fuck Cancer altogether since i know quite a few innocent people that have died from this which is real very sad that there is no cure for this, unless you happen to catch it in time. And it is a real Shame that God doesn't wipe this very horrible sickness out completely before it escalates.

October 15, 2017
FUck Cancr! Fuck Cancer Fuck Cancer!!!!!! I fucking hate cancer! took my uncle away at age 50, fucked up my friends life hjust before their marriage and to day, just a few hours ago it has stolen the most beautiful 27 year old girl. She was my classmate in school. The sweetest girl anmyone could have asked met. Beautiful inside and out, and not a mean bone in her body! Im not going to as why. Just fucking stop!! Stop!!!! leave us alone, you fucking blight on the world. one day, one day you will be gone!! that day will come! FUCK!!!!

October 12, 2017
Fuck You Prostrate Cancer. Go to Fucking Hell and stay there you rat bastard. I hate you piece of shit for taking what does not belong to you.

October 8, 2017
I was angry cancer but now I'm just sad. I can't ever see my daughter anymore. It changed the whole family dynamic. I worry my grandkids will forget about my husband and I because they don't live as close to us. Everyday has changed now and forever. Unfair dammit! Fucking unfair! Why? Just why?

September 28, 2017
FUCK YOU! You're lower than whale shit! You killed my mom 3 yrs ago and now you show up for my Dad? You are the the Devil. I hope you suffer more than my mother every day through eternity.

September 3, 2017
-nicole George

August 26, 2017
Cancer needs to jump off a cliff and leave us all alone. I lost my mother to it 11years ago. Almost do date of her Anniversary passing my father is now dying with stage 4 throat cancer, two days ago my husband diagnosed with a different type of throat cancer, waiting to have PET scan done to see how advanced his is. I can't take it I'm tired of cancer taking my loved ones. I HATE you CANCER, F**K OFF!

August 17, 2017
I hate you cancer! I hate how you ravaged my beautiful daughter you stupid fuck. My daughter suffered because of you.. you bastard. My grandchildren ar left without a mother because of you. A million fucking crackheads and low life losers and you just had to pick my daughter who wanted to live so bad. She just wanted to live you fucker. A child is not supposed to die before their parents. I hate you and if there was a way to kill you I would.

August 7, 2017
FUCK FUCK FUCCCKKK YOU CANCER! there can be no god, because no one could be so cruel to put a child through this and make him suffer. A child that hates to be himself and no longer wants to live because if the suffering he is forced to endure because of FUCKING CANCER! It's so unfair, I wish it was me instead.
-Ms. Sara

July 21, 2017
Fuck you Cancer you bitch!! You stole my cat. He completely trusted me to take care of him and you come in and in less than a week make me have to decide on his quality of life. You are a shit and only hope you can rot in hell. We do not need you or anything about you. Fuck off and die. FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU!!

July 20, 2017
Fuck you cancer! Breast and lung cancer just took my mom and my dad within 14 months of each other.Fuck you, you fucking evil piece of shit!!.I hate you!!!!!.

June 23, 2017
Fuck you cancer. I'm fucking fourteen, i was athletic, I was having the time of my life and you come in here and fuck shit up. What the FUCK! I just want to be normal again FUCK YOU. You had absolutely no right. I dont want to do chemo, I dont want to go bald, I dont want stay at a hospital for six days, I dont want to not go to school. Fuck you, you ruined everything

May 18, 2017
Fuck you, cancer! I fucking hate you! You hurt my wife and now you go after my mother? Well they are so strong and courageous that they will fuck you up, cancer! Fuck you! Go away and stop bothering people! You will be defeated! We can beat you with science and positivity! Go fuck yourself! I hate you! go to hell! Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit, cancer. Everyone hates you! FUCK YOU, CANCER!!!!!

May 4, 2017
Fuck you cancer!.You took my. Best friend from me (my mom).IThe last year of my life has been empty and meaningless because of you.Go fuck yourself in the deepest , darkest pit in hell that there is!.

March 4, 2017
Fuck you cancer, you piece of fucking shit. You are a fucking snake the way you snuck into my body. No one wants you and you can fuck off and die and rot in hell. You wont take me from my daughter and my family. I am not even near 30, I have my whole life ahead of me and I'll never let you take me you sneaky fucking bastard. I'm going to fuck you up so you better be ready. Fuck you cancer, you aren't going to get me. I'm not scared of you and you'll never break my spirit you total piece of shit. I'm going to see my daughter grow up so FUCK YOU.

February 7, 2017
Thank you cancer for getting me off the hamster wheel my life has been on for over 12 years. I didn't want to be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at 46 but in a lot of ways, the two years since that diagnosis have been my best ever. I've received more love and support, more friendship, seen and done things I never had the courage to do before and have finally learned to control my lifelong depression and anxiety. I wish I had been able to do all these things without having to live with cancer but it is what it is. I'm not looking forward to the end but I am loving the now!

January 13, 2017
Fuck you cancer! You poisoned my wife you piece of shit. Fuck you and your fears and your tears and your uncertainty. Fuck you and your chemo and your iv's and your illness. Fuck your friends at big pharma and fuck everything else about you. I hate you more than anything I have ever encountered. Eat shit and die, fucking cancer. Fuck you.

December 19, 2016
Here's a big fat fuck you to you cancer. My father is a good man, never hurt anybody, doesn't drink smoke. he already has Parkinson's disease angina etc, and you come along and destroy what life he had left. After the huge operation to get rid of you, you came back hell bent on taking him down. Well fuck you, he'll fight you to the very end. One day in the future you won't be taking any more lives you bastard. Young and old will be free of you once and for all. JC.
-Jason Collier

December 10, 2016
FUCK YOU CANCER! You have plagued my beautiful fiancé for ten months and now you want to spread and cause her more pain? She is meant to be planning a wedding and you have taken every second of our time and every cent he had. We are young and meant to be running free. You are holding us back! Let her go, let her be free FUCK YOU

December 6, 2016
Fuck cancer…...well that aint even close to how i feel about u....u took away my grandmother,a truly noble and free spirit....those moments i spent with her are all gone coz of u....u've uprooted and destroyed so many families so far and i dont understand that why do u even exist? Nobody deserves a death like the one u give them....u make them miserable and literally destroy theor will 2 live My grandmother was a brave lady,a rebel who fought with u valiantly until her last breath...u might have taken her body from us but shes still alive in our hearts and u cant take her out of there......go fuck urself cancer....u sadist piece of shit

December 5, 2016
Well fuck you Cervical Cancer.... second of February this year you took my daughter, and day by day the ache in my heart gets deeper and deeper. Daughter fought and fought hard, she had the attitude of a true hero, how she made time and showed love and care for all of her many friends and family whilst gradually having the life sucked out of her, I just don't know. The injustice, and brutal force of this insidious disease leaves me breathless with devestation. I am truly grateful for having had the gift of such a wonderful daughter for 41 years, but still a large part of me died with her. Early intervention and education about the disease, symptoms, treatment options, medical process etc. could have made a huge difference; but alas, it is too late for my little daughter. So FUCK CANCER
-Chris (the Bull) Sims

November 7, 2016
Dear Meningioma, We're on a first name basis. Just when I thought the ex-wife and I were going to make it. Just when I thought I had you beat into a corner. When I was all alone and you were a well kept secret you reared your ugly fucking head, ( wait, that's MY head,) and you're taking me from us. I didn't give two fucks when it was just me. But my Shanti, she loves me you fucker. I won't be there to keep her safe. My Azee, Reine, Oshae, URIYAH... 34 and I have a grandson.... He won't even remember me. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCK THEIVING PIECE OF GREY FECAL MATTER!!! YOU ARE TAKING ME FROM THE ONLY LOVE I HAVE EVER KNOWN. THANKS A FUCKING LOT. EAT A DICK.

October 5, 2016
Well I can't really say those words to cancer. It is horrible and it takes our loved ones away. That being said , Cancer brought my mom and I closer than we had been... and we were best friends before..! We saw miracles happen and many disappointments and God brought us to the understanding that He would prevail! I know it is a hard road that is not understandable but know that God loves you and the one that suffers from this! My mom died from multiple myeloma on 9-11 2012 . I loved her dearly ,yet Jesus loves her more... and we all die.. yeah so remember for them it is a great pain free new beginning and for us ....a new beginning as well

October 2, 2016
Fuck you cancer, you have taken alot from my father. I want to sit down and have a beer and a meal with him, but i cant. He cant taste, he cant swallow, and he did everything right. He ate well, never smoked and excersised everyday. Fuck you.

September 1, 2016
Fuck you cancer. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU! My mom has been dealing with different types of cancer since I was 12 years old. I feel like cancer has been my childhood. It forced me to grow up way before I was ready to. The chemo needed to just fucking contain cancer is making my mom so sick that she can't even get up out of bed. Fuck you cancer. Fuck you for keeping my mom from me and contributing to making my childhood and my twenties a nervous wreck. I can't live without my mom, so you better not fucking take her away from me. FUCK YOU!

August 10, 2016
Fuck U, U peice of shit mother fucker. U destroy ones we love and leave them a shell of pain, nausea, & regret. I hate U with every fiber of my being. I hope my Mom laughs @ U and kicks U in the balls when she gets to heaven. Guess what? U lose you fucking POS.
-Alan Walker

July 16, 2016
My mom has been battling pancreatic cancer for nearly 6 years and now options are few! I am losing my best friend. Fuck pancreatic cancer!! You do learn who your true friends are but sure is an emotional roller coaster!! Bless anyone out there with this diagnosis!!

July 11, 2016
Fuck you cancer you piece if shit bitch. You took one of my best friends today. Biggest heart in the world. He served seven years and two tours in Iraq, US Army. He was 29. I will throat punch you, you piece of shit. Fuck you cancer. Cancer, I wish you'd get cancer and die. Fucking fuck the fuck out of you.
-Kevin Shuler

July 1, 2016
FUCK YOU cancer!!! You took my Grandad and my Nan and now you are taking my mom. I hate you so much you FUCKING peice of Shit disease.

June 24, 2016
Dear Cancer, FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU glioblastoma!!! My Mom is a shell of the person she used to be! You already took her mind, her voice, her laughter and smile, her tears.... and now you want her life! I fucking hate you. I wish I could fucking punch you in the face! Go fuck yourself!!!!!!

June 22, 2016
Fuck you cancer!!!! Don't you Dare try taking my son in Law away from my beautiful Daughter, Fuck you Cancer you Bastard you have picked on the wrong guy I will fight you to keep him

June 19, 2016
Fuck you cancer. You took my mom. Yes she lived a full life and one that is envied, but she wasn't done. She wasn't FUCKING DONE. fuck you.

June 11, 2016
Cancer you are a cunt. An absolute class A cunt. You've snuck in to my life disguised as back ache and indigestion and this week I'm being told you are an inoperable life taking cunt in tumour in my liver. And if I'm lucky I've got just a few months left. Well fuck you. I'm only 33! I've only just found the man of my dreams. I've only just booked a round the world adventure. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!

June 5, 2016
November i learned I had terminal cancer. Well fuck. So much for the rest of my life. Then the pity looks came. Fuck that too. Im trying to accept this shit. I have two great kids. So much for seeing them grow up too. R u fucking kidding me. Fuck u cancer. Fuck u. Fuck u fuck u. I wish u where a person so i cud kick ur ass. U hace destroyed my family. Ur as bad as every piece of shit snitch n this world.

June 3, 2016
Dear Cancer. Fuck you. Fuck indolent lymphoma. Fuck living with this disease. Fuck visiting me at a too young age. I will thrive and beat you. You will rot in hell.

May 24, 2016
Fucking spots. Fuck you for hurting my wife. Fuck you for ruining all our lives fuck you for making me plan her memorial when we should've been celebrating out anniversary. Fuck you making people bury their kids. Fuck chemo being worse than the disease. Have you ever puked in your sleep and choked on it as you awoke? Fuck you for terrifying me and making me wake up without her for the rest of my life. Fuck ovaries. Fuck everything. Before he died, Che Guevara said "go ahead and shoot you coward. You kill only a man today." He knew his ideas would live on without his body because he moved people. So did she. She moves us still and nothing will ever hurt her again. She's the most perfect angel ever and what she stands for cannot die. Fuck you cancer. Here I am. Bring me home to her. Come find me you sack of shit. No one who loses a soulmate fears death. Wait for me in the sun. Be warm when you think of me little one. With Her. Always.

May 10, 2016
Biopsy on my lymph node today. If confirmed will be the fifth time Hodgkins has visited mein 30 yrs. BUT - the fucker is not gonna get me i am stronger. It can take my job, my car ,my house,and everything else but it cant take my spirit Fuck you Cancer you gonna loose again
-Kevin Holyoake

May 9, 2016
Took my grandma. Love her forever. FUCK CANCER.

May 5, 2016
Cancer is terrible but if the us government is keeping this secret for profit they are worse than Cancer shame on corrupt leaders screw all of you weirdos.complaints baby DC?

April 5, 2016
Took my dad. Wants to take me. Might let it.

April 2, 2016
May you die in your own shit, you fucking ass. You've taken too many damn fucking people, fuck you!

March 12, 2016
scumbag inglorius disease robs good people of dignity fuck right off cancer
-davey b

February 25, 2016
Cancer you fuxking piece of shit. Not enough to take my Dad from us, you let us watch my little sister suffering from the same cancer. You don't deserve either of them you fucking coward.

February 19, 2016
Dear Feline Bone Cancer, Fuck you up the butt with a rubber hose, in April 2007, you took away the sweet "purr monster" Buddy Guy, who if not for you would have had at least a few more good years as one of the Cat House's "shop cats." I hope a certain feline health research organization wins or "winns" its struggle against you
-Valerie Nemeth

February 19, 2016
Fuck cancer, my cat had to be put down because she was suffering from cancer in all her body. The day cancer is ended is the day I will be able to sleep soundly.

February 7, 2016
Fuck Big Pharma too, since it may be possible that CANCER may be totally CURABLE and "they" may have blocked any CURE that came down the pike since (a) they wanted to force those of us who have cancer to rely on their "cut, burn and poison" treatments and (b) they couldn't patent any cures to make them more money.
-Valerie Nemeth

February 7, 2016
Fuck cancers that afflict "companion animals" as well and let's work, strive and hope for the day when having to have cancer afflicted cats and dogs "p.t.s," "p.d." or put to sleep or put down is no longer the only option.
-Valerie Nemeth

February 1, 2016
No cancer. No family cancer. Cancer kills everyone who's work I love. 2 weeks, 6 down. Cancer can FUCK RIGHT OFF. When you target me (cancer) I will pull the marihuana defense. Best defense on paper.

February 1, 2016
Dear Cancer, You are a c•nt and I hate you! I miss my security, my body, and my hair. Go the f away. That is all!

February 1, 2016
You took my beautiful dad so cheaply. He was such an intelligent, funny and peaceful man. You. May have won that battle but his memory lives on. For all those in despair, digest deep and fight hard. I love you dad with every sinew of my heart x x x

January 30, 2016
My brother died of throat cancer at the young age of 40. What a horrible disease. He fought hard as all cancer patients do. I hate the "C" word. My heart goes out to anyone touched at all by this horrible (I believe curable) disease.
-Kathy Hill

January 29, 2016
Dear Breast Cancer, I still say f***, fuck and screw you and the bras and hormones you rode in with. That is all.
-Valerie Nemeth

January 28, 2016
Dear Breast Cancer and cancer in general, Considering how Arkansas and Georgia, are part of the Southern United States, if Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were the Southern gentlemen they say they are, I hope they HORSEWHIP you to within an inch of your life.
-Valerie Nemeth

January 28, 2016
Hey Cancer, In honor of 3 legends of Canadian diplomacy you took from us (or KEN TAYLOR, JOHN SHEARDOWN and possibly LAVERNA DOLLIMORE) and 1 legend of American diplomacy you attempted to take from us (or BRUCE LAINGEN) here's a knock knock joke Knock knock Who's there ARGO ARGO WHO???????????????????? ARGO F*** YOURSELF, ARGO FUCK YOURSELF or ARGO SCREW YOURSELF
-Valerie Nemeth

January 28, 2016
Dear Breast Cancer, I'm sure I'm aware of you in OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER and I hope I kick your butt every month of the year as well.
-Valerie Nemeth

January 28, 2016
Dear Cancer, Fuck you, I wish God gave you to some terrorists like ISIS and told them, "IF YOU WANT TO JIHAD AGAINST SOMETHING, JIHAD AGAINST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Valerie Nemeth

January 28, 2016
Dear Breast Cancer, Eff you. I hope science finds better ways to treat you and even cure you in both PEOPLE and COMPANION ANIMALS so that no one would ever have to endure the short and possibly even long term side effects of chemo and that in the case of cats and dogs who get you, that being "put to sleep" would no longer be the only option. - Valerie Nemeth
-Valerie Nemeth

January 22, 2016
You have taken the better half of my dads life away from him. You won't just go away and you won't stop causing ducking problems. I don't care if it's impossible or how long it will take but I am going to find a way to fucking kill you one day and end the suffering you put all of us through.

January 22, 2016
Fuck you! Being married to you was worse than colon cancer and I should know! I lived through both! It was truly supportive how you told me I was "milking it" and how I was "too young to [really] be sick from it." I also really dig how you tried to talk me into altering my will once my FORTH surgery was scheduled. Congratulations, you evil bitch. You are officially worse than cancer!

January 18, 2016
Fuck you cancer! You got my Gran and you got my Dad, you tried to get my wife and lost and today I've found out you're after my friend... well, FUCK YOU, you aren't going to get them!
-Adam M

January 15, 2016
Steve may. Contact me on my email address. Let's chat it out pal!

January 10, 2016
had bladder cancer ,had chemo and surgery. took my bladder and prostate left mwe with a plastic bag and a fucked up mind. i am single and fear i will be til i die. i am cancer free but its not over for me , just a new hell to live with!
-steve may

January 7, 2016
Melanoma. You tried to come into my life and even decided to rear your ugly head around on our honeymoon. I was not planning on bringing you with me, let alone bringing you home but there you were hitching a free ride thinking that you would take me away from the people that mean the most. Myself and the amazing team of doctors made sure that you never made it past stage 1 so had no chance to ever hurt me! Did you even think you could. Now you are out and burned in a furnace, and I live on as if you never existed. Fuck you, get fucked, and finally fuck off out of my life. Take your place in hell. I will not see you again
-Chris H

December 28, 2015

December 27, 2015

December 27, 2015
Fuck you cancer you took my pay dad when we weren't ready. I came to see him getting treatment and getting better not to die on me. FUCK YPU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU
-Talei hatch

November 15, 2015
Wrote this as my sis is suffering, so suddenly and so rapidly: (soz for swearing)! I've never felt such hate before I wish you were a physical thing So I could fuck you up and make you feel All the pain you bring You lurk about and then you pounce Unexpected and unannounced Flooring families in your wake With devastation and heartbreak Don't you think you've had your day You perverted splat of slime? You've been taking out our loved ones For far too long a time Well your days are numbered We're still on the hunt And we're coming to get you Cancer you cunt
-Care Taylor

November 14, 2015
How is it fair that my 4 yr old little boy has been diagnosed with leukaemia? Chemo has taken a happy active little guy and taken away his freedom to move about and go to school. Fuck you cancer, you're a twatting wanker and I hate you. You suck.

October 27, 2015
Fuck you cancer He's too young, there are plenty of bad people you could take instead, he may not ever kiss a girl, or fall in love, or look into his child's eyes It's not fair, he's far too young to have to say goodbye, fuck you cancer your just so cruel, and I don't understand why you just won't go away. Stop taking love ones, and breaking hearts.

October 24, 2015
To nancy, saw your post. i have had hodgkins disease since i was 22.( i am now 52) 4 times the big c has come to visit.. i have had 2 transplants. In 1990 i was stage 4 and my doctor told me i would be dead quite probably by the end of the year. he was wrong and i am still very much alive and active. Dont give up x
-Kevin Holyoake

October 14, 2015
fuck cancer its a bitch
-Kevin Holyoake

October 4, 2015
My husband has cancer. Every time we have appointment - of all thr things a doctor could say - it's always the worse news. We have two boys - 6 and 8. They can't grow up without a father. What will I do? Where will I go??

September 11, 2015
-Elizabeth Kasey

August 31, 2015
Happiest girl in the world had everything going for me then stomach cancer arrived .... I hate you so much you kount of a thing ... Don't you dare take me away from my son ... We have no family and he's too young to be alone .... Fuck !!!!!! I hate you so much and hate how politicians think it's ok not let cancer Australia not share the cure for this disease all the money all the knowledge and you tell me we still don't have a fkn cure .... What a load of shit .... Lordie lord if you let cancer take me from My boy I swear to u I will be the biggest bitch in heaven u will ever see .... Cancer I hate you .... Lord u best get ya shit together .... Sincerely Cavell xxxx
-Tanya Cavell

August 23, 2015
you are one evil bastard!!!...what right do you have to invade me and possibly tear up my family ....my mums 83 years old..how the fuck do i tell her....my grandkids are only 4 year old and one tear old...they won't remember me when they grow up .....you are one sick, evil cunt ....

August 5, 2015
Fuck you cancer you motherfucking poes!! You took my dad away from me yesterday if i could i would hunt you down and fucking chop you up and boild you alive you worthless piece of life ruining shit! I hope one day you get all the cancer everyone has at one go and that it eats you alive you cunt

August 4, 2015
Cancer has taken over the life of the man I love. Hes a father and an all around Wonderful Man. FUCK YOU CANCER, because you are trying to take his life
-Worm Goodman

August 4, 2015

July 20, 2015
Cancer! You took my uncle three years ago yesterday, four years ago you took my best friend's mother and you took the life of one of my friends from church. You are a destroyer of lives, families and marriages. Cancer, I hereby judge you. For the crimes against humanity, genocide and your spreading on children. You are a spawn of the Devil. So cancer, I'm telling you three words now. GO FUCK YOURSELF!
-Giancarlos Calderon

July 20, 2015
FUCK YOU CANCER. You ruin so many peoples lives. Children don't get a chance to graduate high school or find true love. People lose family members and loved ones. Limbs are lost to cancer. People lose the parts of them that makes them female or male. I watched my grandpa die of colon cancer, and my aunt fight breast cancer. I will not watch you take anymore people away from me. A kid in my grade just got diagnosed with cancer in the soft tissue in his foot and in both of his lungs. He plays football, is a drummer and is so smart. He does not deserve to lose that. So FUCK YOU cancer. One day we will find a cure and cancer will be a thing of the past.

July 14, 2015
Fuck you cancer you fucking life destroyer. If you were a person I'd rip your eyeballs out and defacate in your empty sockets. I'd then proceed to ram needles between your fingernails and wrap your ballsack in bacon strips and present you with the nastiest, meanest lion to tear your sack off. I'd then cut off each toe, one by one until you have none oeft. I'd then grind your toes into a fine paste and forcefeed you it. Then I would proceed snap each and every finger you possess then dip your arms into a tank of pirhanas until they clean your arm of all remaining flesh. I'd slice your torso open and cut your stomach open, collecting all the stomach acid (amongst other shit) in a bucket and slowly pour the contents over your face. I'd continue to slash away at your innings until you bled out, a very painful death. Don't worry though, electrostimulation would help ensure you are conscious the whole time.

July 10, 2015
Fuck you colon cancer!!! My God is bigger than you and August 9, 2015 I am three years no evidence of disease (stage IV mets to liver)
-Lisa Nevin

July 10, 2015
FUCK You Cancer for taking my mom away from me and my family.

June 17, 2015
F@CK YOU CANCER - not this time - you took my dad - you take too many good people. I am hanging round - you picked the wrong fight - I am staying here with my babies and my loved ones F@CK YOU

April 24, 2015
F*** you cancer you already took my aunt that has lived with me my entire life. Now your going to take away my grandmother who I love so much. What did they do.

April 19, 2015
fuck you prostate cancer you took away my manhood and the damage has never been reversed to hell with all cancers especially prostate cancer
-stephen buck

April 8, 2015
F@CK CANCER! To all of you brave fighters that have had your say, my heart breaks for you,keep fighting and don't let the disease take your soul. Make every day count.Fundraising for cancer research is what I can do to help make a difference, reading your struggles and pain just showed me again why I need to take it up a notch. Stay strong F@CK CANCER up!

March 24, 2015
cancer. please don't claim my nanny. you have already taken too many people in my family. we are going to put up one hell of a fight & beat you!!! you will not win this time. i hate you.

March 21, 2015
Fuck...You!!!!!!!! You took away my grandmother! I wanted to take her to long-distant trips again, and you fucking ruined it! Piece of shit!!! I hate you cancer! I cannot believe I had to see my grandmother sleeping in her coffin, I cannot believe my eyes when that coffin was closed. I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAD TO HELP BURY HER INSIDE THE COFFIN!!!! Do you enjoy this cancer? Do you really enjoy torturing people's lives? I hope you die straight in fucking hell!

March 4, 2015
-Ethan Thomas

March 3, 2015
Fuck you brain cancer! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! Fuck you!!

February 19, 2015
Fuck you cancer, fuck lymphoma, fuck every Cancer that exists. cancer will lose one day, I believe that. Pray for my siste, may god bless everyone with cancer. FUCK YOU CANCER

February 11, 2015
Fuck you cancer. You will not defeat me. You can have my tit, but not my life. Fuck you and tumor you rode in on you fucking bastard piece of shit. I fucking hate you. You are trying to ruin my life, but it's not going to work. No one defeats me, nobody. I always get what I want, and I want to beat the fuck out of you, so I will. You fucked with the wrong person.

February 5, 2015
For six years I've watched my beautiful dad fight u fucker having leukemia and now I'm sitting here watching u take him. Fuck u cancer and fuck god

January 31, 2015
FUCK CANCER!!! Melanoma took my uncle at 35, cervical cancer took his wife (my aunt) at 40 leaving their two boys 18 and 16 (8 and 6 when their dad passed away) behind. Their grandfather, my aunt's dad, a month before she passed away, from a rare stomach and brain cancer. My grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012, was in remission until the week before Christmas 2014, and is now going through chemo for a secondary cancer not related to the pancreatic cancer and is having many complications. WHY does my family have to go through this!? I'm terribly sorry for anyone else that has to go through this and would absolutely never wish this monster of disease on anybody! RIP everyone who has lost their battle. If you have cancer, keep fighting the fight and believe that you WILL defeat this!!!

January 31, 2015
I, a person still in their teens, have buried yet another one of my friends because of cancer. I can no longer go back five years to any memories and not see a face that you haven't taken from me. I will devote my life to studying you, diagnosing you, and ridding you of your existence. -Cal

January 19, 2015
You fuck off and leave everyone alone they didn't deserve to die she dreamed of becomeing a nurse to help others but instead she never got to because of you fuck you why did you take her she was to young she fought so hard she was never without a smile yet you took her why just fuck off and stop please no more you have already killed so many people. WHY!!!!!!

January 13, 2015
Just told I have prostate cancer WHY WHY WHY Why does this not leave me alone.
-David Kidd

December 3, 2014
A big fuck you to cancer. Fuck fuck fuck. How many kids, parents, friends, family, have to die? Why the FUCK do you get to take people away? KIDS SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE BRAVE. PARENTS SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILDREN. I hate you so, so fucking much.

November 23, 2014
fuck you

November 19, 2014
You have taken my grandmother, aunt, and now my uncle. But guess what? You still haven't won. You will NEVER win because we will never stop fighting FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!
-Anna J.

November 12, 2014
Are you happy cancer now that you took my dad away he was my hero my dad mine not yours to take away we had so many plans you better run if you see me bcause im not happy at all with you cancer ????????????

November 8, 2014
Hey cancer - get the fuck off my wife! She's a good girl and a good mom and did everything she was supposed to do. You got no right to sneak in and fuck things up. Her grandchildren barely even know her yet. WTF? And NOW? I am sooooooo angry!!!!

October 29, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER!! I hate you, you need to die motherfucker! I wish you could suffer as much as you make people suffer. You took away the person I loved the most in this world and now you keep taking so many of my people. I'm gonna beat you up, work my ass off and run my sweat on you, bitch!
-Mey T

October 23, 2014
You took my big gran you now want to take my little gran.... Fuck you... Then fuck you some more you disgusting vile demonised creature, the day you dissapear will be the day the world rejoices! No one wants u everybody hates you!!! Go and die I wish cancer could get cancer and know what it feels like!!! And loose all of its loving family fuck you cancer... Just fuck you!!!

October 20, 2014
fuck you cancer you can't win you bag of shit see you in hell you mother fucker
-ronan hayek

October 15, 2014
fucking shitty bastarding c*nting thing,my mum survived and now you are taking my daddy from me,how fucking dare you!! I hate you so fucking much I wanna scream out loud all day about the unfairness of it all!!!!

October 12, 2014
What is cancer? I'll tell you. It's a fucking cunt with no life just taking others. So cancer get fucked right up the arse with The ?devels cock right now I'm telling ya you won't last long no not with me so for now get fucked cunt!!!!!!

October 3, 2014
Tougher than any hockey player and fucking tougher than cancer. My friend has this beat.

October 3, 2014
The TEAM for our friend....FUCK YOU CANCER!!! SHE is going to kick your ass!!!
-Ken Diver

October 3, 2014
F&CK YOU CANCER - this team is declaring war against and assuring our friend has you beat. NOTHING compares to her strength and you have NOTHING on her - leave and FUCK OFF!!!
-Jeff, Ken, & Courtney

October 1, 2014
Cancer. you are leaving my children with out their mummy and making them watch her die piece by piece. Even when she is dead you have not won. So many people fighting you you cannot win. You think you have but we are all a lot stronger than you. See you in hell.
-C Hayek

September 17, 2014
My father has been living with cancer for 5 years, he is the strongest person ever, he is my hero and he is now fighting very hard against your ugly ass bitch. I FUCKING HATE CANCER YOU DESTROYED OUR FAMILY AND I WISH YOU NEVER EXISTED stay strong daddy <3 jag älskar dig

September 3, 2014
F*ck you, cancer for affecting my family since I was a kid when you tried to kill my mom...but didn't. Then you attacked me when I was 35. For that, I say 'FUCK YOU'! And now you've hurt my family again...my mom living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer to the lung. You've killed 3 of my friends...one was only 35 and the others in their 40s. F*ck YOU! I'll keep fighting for the win.

August 24, 2014
I'm 14 and only have a grandmother left. October 18, 1991. I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye. You took my dad's dad. July 5, 2001. You took my mom's dad. November 2, 2013 was the day you took mom's mom. I fucking hate you. You caused me to go into depression. I started to think what the world would be like if I just wasn't there anymore… IF YOU TAKE MY GREAT AUNT SHIT WILL GO DOWN. I WISH VOLDEMORT TRIED TO KILL YOU.

August 19, 2014
i miss you mother and i hate that disease metastatic spinal carcinoma and i hate god for giving you that disease
-Patrick Almasy

August 16, 2014
Fuck you, Cancer! FUCK YOU!!!!!! You took away the life of my grandpa and I never got to meet him. and then you took away my mom who was practically my only family!!!!!!!!!! It was supposed to be a good year and I was supposed to give back to my mom now because I am done with school and I now have a job but you ever gave me the chance! Mark my words, you will never touch me, my relatives, or my future family!!!!!!! Cancer, I wish you get cancer, an die!

August 13, 2014
Fuck you cancer. If you were a woman I would wip your ass for hurting my fiance this way. But you will not win. Fuck you Cancer. Love Worm
-Jennifer Goodman

August 2, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER. You took my grandfather, my great aunt, and my cousin. My auntie defeated you. My grandmother defeated you. And my other auntie is going to defeat you too. I promise.

July 29, 2014
Fuck you cancer, you chose my family to feast yourself on. My son Connor lost his fiancé and his unborn son. His fiancée was only 21! You struck her and killed her and baby Jake along with her. Now left there is a 23 year old widow and a 14 month old left.

July 9, 2014

July 4, 2014
FUCK you cancer. You not only took my mum when she was only 46 with pancreatic cancer, but you took my grandfather in the same day. To lose two people in the space of twelve hours is fucking bullshit. YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT. IM NOW 21 and its been 8 months without them.. Rest peacefully. Cancer, get fucked.

July 2, 2014

June 25, 2014
Hey cancer! Get out of my dog's scrotum, you sick fuck!
-Juan N

June 21, 2014
You took my Grandfather who was a great man... Then you raise your ugly face and decide he was to happy to live. So you decide to take his and everyone who loved him's happiness. He died in 5 Weeks... Its been 3 years since and now im 15... You Will Be Stopped... May God Be With You... P.S. Fuck You...

June 2, 2014
You are stealing my older brother from me, it has metastasized to his brain and now he has no short term memory and has forgotten all the great recent conversations. FUCK YOU CANCER, I HATE YOU!

May 20, 2014
You killed my aunt this week. Fuck you cancer. I hate you.

May 20, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER. I hate you. You need to die. I hate you. FUCK YOU CANCER. No one likes you. Go away and never come back.

May 16, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER. you will not take anymore people away from me.

May 11, 2014
You will not take my girlfriend, only 34...we are supposed to have a life together! YOu will not take her from me. You will not. You will not. She will beat you.

May 11, 2014
You have taken my grandmother who I never met because of you You have taken my friend's mum and her favourite aunty too I hate you with my every breath with Every part of me it's you that should be facing death Cancer, can't you see? P.S - I fucking Hate you

May 4, 2014
I've seen too many people go from this, freinds, family, neighbours, teachers and strangers. I wont swear anymore. Ive done it and it doesn't change the fact that our loved ones have endured the ultimate test. But Ill pray for anyone who posts. For everything bad that happens, the one and only almighty God can bring us out of the shadows of darkness and he will be with you every step of the way. Power of prayer works
-Jonah G.

April 30, 2014
How did you get your name Cancer? Is it because you CAN suck the life out of people.My sister was such a strong woman until you decided you wanted her.You took away her ability to do everything like eating and walking and living. She volunteered for the cancer study in hopes one day you can be beat by everyone. I wad told that my sister was the longest living person in study.But when you decided to come backyou came back full force attack and took her in 3 weeks.One day your name Cancer will not be the worst word in the world to hear.It will be a year Lyn dear sister that you are gone. I still see and thinkof you all the time. I am glad I was here to spend your last year with. It was stressful but I got to take care of you. luv you Lyn. Your sister Diana
-diana perea

April 28, 2014
You took my Mom's breasts, you're attacking my Grandpa's prostate, you've robbed me of the chance to have children, and now you've just stolen my Nan. You put tumours in her lungs and she was beating you, you put growths in her brain and she still fought, then you appeared in her bowel and she couldn't take the pain anymore. I hate you so much...

April 21, 2014
I'm losing my life to cancer. i used to think i could kill cancer but its killing me. i have less than a few months to live and I'm only 15. i wish i could have told the people who care about me how much i love them and appreciate all they've done for me. I hope one day they will remember me and know I'm always looking down on them. i will always be.

April 20, 2014
i fucking hate my dad he wont let me get a fucking permit when all of my friends are getting one. i dont even want to fucking drive yet and he has fucking problems he thinks its fucking hilarious to withold it from me when I obviously needsd it he never lets me gets rides fuck you piece of shit i fucking hate you i hope you go fuckin gdie in a fucking hole go fuck yourself and fuck everything you ever loved because you pretty much like fucking everything i've ever wanted you piece of jackshit i hope you die in a hole and rot there until i come shit on your fucking dumbcunt face.

April 17, 2014
Fuck you cancer, you took my uncle away from me two days before my tenth birthday and I miss him like crazy. Now, I'm 15, and you tried to take my nan. Fuck off and leave her alone or you'll have me to answer to

April 14, 2014
So, you take my mother in law, her sister, then you grin and say Im coming for your wife and daughter later? FUCK YOU. I will do everything in my power to stop you - you cant have them.

April 11, 2014
Fuck you, cancer. I kicked your ass. Thank ME for finding my new outlook and gratitude for life. That's right, cancer, you don't get credit. I get credit because I won the fight. As an opponent, I do respect you. But, that's all you get. Don't fuck with me ever again; I will make a dust pile out of you.

March 30, 2014
I hate you with a passion,I shiver when I hear your disgusting name! You took my daddy away from us...he was only 53. We still needed him in our lives,our love for him will never be quenched again,and we will miss him for the rest of our lives, YOU FUCKING DISEASE I HATE YOU, F YOU TO HELL

March 28, 2014
Mr Cancer, with all due respect, who the fuck do you think you are to suddenly appear in my brothers knee? I don't want you there anymore, so if you could be so kind as to get the fuck out, I will really appreciate it. Please never come back, stay away and I really hope you choke yourself. PD. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU BADLY

March 22, 2014
Cancer you're a fucking CUNT. I'm 23 years young and you have stolen My mum. Come on my mum my best friend. Fuck you you fucked up piece of fucking shit. Rot in hell cunt

March 21, 2014
I fucking hate cancer. Don't mind my loss--you took my mother's love, partner and friend. And you took my kids grandfather. And my sisters will marry without their dad walking them down the aisle. Cancer--you are cruel. I will continue fighting against you.
-Cristina Negron

March 20, 2014
You took our father away from us. Fuck you,Cancer.
-Christine Curtin

March 13, 2014
What is cancer? If I was asked before my uncle died I would say its a terrible disease, but I didn't really know much else. When I was asked on my grade nine biology test I wrote the 'scientifically correct' answer, just because it was the final exam. When asked a little over a year from my uncle's death I would say the worst thing that could possibly happen. Total bullshit. My uncle was young, madly in love with my aunt, and a father to two young children. He was a traveler, a comedian, a naturalist, a dad, a husband, a brother, a uncle, a son, a friend, the list is endless. I used to have strong faith in God. Yet after my uncle died, of stage four cancer I have been wanting to burn my bible. I have been cursing the air above me, since now I've lost all faith that's all thats up there. Fucking air. So yeah. Fuck you, cancer. Fuck yourself in the arse.
-teen idle

March 13, 2014
f you cancer. you took my huband RB of 25 years. we have 3 children. are you happy yet? do you want more. i cant give any more

March 9, 2014
I hate you cancer for torturing families. After 55 years of marriage my Mum nursed my Dad 24/7 through your awful attack on him, then you cruely stole him away behind our backs in hospital. My Dad can rest now, hopefully one day you will do the same, but no one will ever mourn you.

March 8, 2014
Dear cancer, you came into our house, without being invited. You sneaked around us and we had no idea. You started to ruin our lifes, but we still had no clue. Than, one day, suddenly, out of the blue, you appeared and you showed us how powerful you are. But you know what? Nothing is more powerful than our love, all the happy moments we spent together as a family without you, cancer. I wish you could see how much I disrespect you, how much I hate you. I´m killing you in my dreams, I´m drowning you in a river, burning you, strangling you, reprobating you. I wish I can fight with you face to face, but you are such a coward. You are such a coward that you are hiding all the time, you are somewhere invisible... Screw you, you little bastard. And remember, I´ll find you one day.

March 8, 2014
Fuck you cancer. You will not take my best friends from me. You will not ruin another young family. We're gonna tear you a new one!

March 1, 2014
I'll spend the rest of my life making sure we get rid of you once and for all cancer fu!

February 28, 2014
Fu cancer you took my dad, you made my bff be tortured by chemoto only come back now 4 years later and take her forever and now as she is sick you've started on my dog and my other friends friend.

February 28, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER. My beautiful mother was a breast cancer survivor for 15 years-and then, YOU came back-attacked her liver and took her from us in only 3 short months! I HATE you, I want to ERADICATE you, I will spend the rest of my life fighting YOU!

February 25, 2014
Cancer does not just affect one person. Cancer does not just kill one mans life but the life of a father, brother, uncle, grandfather and friend. It hurts and brings pain to all who love the person that is sick. I hate this and i hate the pain it is causing!!

February 25, 2014
Cancer.....I watched you deteriorate a close family friend and you made us see her at her weakest but never did she cry and she always had a smile. Her service was beautiful but now yet again you come into my life, my Pop, my bestfriend. I will not let you take him, i pray that he can bet this! I am only 19 and i need my pop in my life you can not have him!! Leave him alone!!!!!!!!

February 17, 2014
Fuck Cancer. I had three brothers. In 2008 you claimed one and diagnosed the other. In 2012 you also diagnosed the final brother. FUCK CANCER. Now you're going to take my big brother. FUCK YOU!!!!
-Learne McMullan

February 16, 2014
I fucking loathe you you bastard. I'm too young to be a widow. I would happily spend my life in jail killing u than you killing my husband....BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!

February 10, 2014
Yesterday cancer you died as they burnt my mum with you in her. You have stolen that who made all that which is good in me.

February 10, 2014
FUCK you cancer fuck you right in the ass with no lube and a condom made of bees you will NOT take spencer away from me i hate you i fucking hate you cancer fuck you and all your friends

February 9, 2014
FUCK YOU CANCER. You took away my awesome grandma I loved with all my heart. You took my friend's dad and you are about to fucking take my uncle's life. I wish you were human so I could torture you so bad that you would wish you never existed. FUCK YOUU FUCK YOU !!!!!
-Orlando Garcia

February 6, 2014
Fuck You Pancreatic Cancer, Fuck you all cancers. You just took away a friend! RIP STEFAN.
-Al Guerraïche

February 4, 2014
Fuck you cancer. Everywhere I go you follow to ruin another persons life. Fuck you for all its worth. I will punch a whole 10 inches wide through you if I could. FUCK YOU

February 4, 2014
I hate you so much. I hate how you've taken my 65year old granny. I hate how she will never see me get married. I hate how she will never get to hold my first child. I hate how she isn't hear to see my new job. And I hate how she will never tell me how proud of me she is. I fucking hate cancer so fucking much
-Bethany M

February 3, 2014
if you were a fucking human.i would devote my life to torchering you every day of your bitchass life. you son of a bitch. you took my mother. and theres nothing i can do to you about it. FUCK YOU
-Ben Carlson

January 31, 2014
Cancer, you may take the body, but never the soul! I will always fight you. FUCK you, cancer. I'm gunning for you!
-Kathleen Weber

January 24, 2014
Second time I write to you cancer... Tonight you were a fucking asshole, you made her cry and you made me watch... now that's cruel and I fucking hate you for it! The day you die is the day I'll celebrate but until then WE will fight you and eventually you are going to lose.. PS. Fuck you cancer

January 21, 2014
Fuck you cancer! All you do to people is cause them PAIN! I hate you so FUCKING much that it hurts and I wish I could punch younin the face. You've taken many loved ones away but I wont let you have my mom.. No matter what you do to her body or mind, you wont have her soul!I hope YOU DIE CANCER,I really hope u do, and someday SHE will beat your ass and smile through it! PS. I HATE YOU

January 16, 2014
I hate you, cancer. I love my grandmother so much. She's 90 but she is THE STRONGEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. How dare you.

January 10, 2014
Why the hell are you still around cancer no one likes you. all you ever do is cause hurt and pain . you took my mum and she didnt want to go and i want her back and you fucked my life. I HATE YOU you cunt cancer. i wish you could get cancer and die a painful death

January 2, 2014
Go fuck yourself in the ass cancer. I hope you get AIDS and die. You took my wife at 28 you bastard. My sweet, beautiful wife who made everyone's life better. She's gone and its because of you, you motherfucker. I hate you.

December 30, 2013
You know what cancer? You can go FUCK yourself up the godblam ass!!!! You have now claimed my mom's sister and brother (my aunt an uncle) AND last night you stole my Nan away. She hadn't even been sick for a year. Your a big fat mother fucking DICK!!!! Why dont you just go and burn in FUCKING HELL!!! I'm sure the people there deserve you more than the good people still here on earth. Suck a big fat COCK and choke to death!!!

December 11, 2013
Fuck cancer in the asshole you motherfucking piece os shit. Cancer im gonna fucking slaughter you like a cow then feed you to pigeons then burn you in a fire and put your ashes up my ass you ass freaking piece of shit.FUCK YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY YOU MOTHERFUCKER.

December 10, 2013
3 times in 2 years? Fuck you, cancer. Leave my mother alone!

December 8, 2013
I WANT MY MUMMY BACK. She was the best mum ever - I fucking hate you.Cancer I fucking hate you. Why did you take my mum from me? She means the world to me - how could you? She worked so hard to fight you and you are just the fucking worst thing in the world I hate you I hate you I hate you

December 5, 2013
Cancer go screw yourself. You have hurt too many people that are/were close to me.
-Elliot Antebi

December 5, 2013
Hey Cancer, I kicked your ass just like I said I would. Fuck you!

December 4, 2013
Cancer you pigs bastard orphan

December 1, 2013
Fuck you cancer, your taking my grand parents away in the most undignified way ! FUCK YOU !
-Kevin McKay

November 30, 2013
Fuck cancer you took my dad and now you gonna take my brother. Fuck you!!! Please stop!!!

November 26, 2013
Fuck you and everything you've done to my family.

November 24, 2013
Seriously? My mom has worked so hard her whole life we have been thru so much and you just have to fuck everything up. I don't understand.

November 22, 2013
Fuck you cancer! You took one of my best friends over five years ago, you're about to take another any day now. Fuck off for taking my aunt, my great uncle, and my grandfather I never got to meet. You're the lowest piece of shit, scum-sucking lowlife asshole son of a bitch thing in existence. How horrific you are for taking so many wonderful people too early. I won't let you win - they all live in my heart and soul forever!
-Tom H.

November 15, 2013
Fuck cancer more than twenty years of non hogkins lymphoma what the hell is it still doing in me. our society is causing all this sickness that we endure humans ruin this world and our health.
-Bruno Lollo

November 10, 2013
Cancer, FUCK you. Leave my mom alone you son of a bitch. Piss of and die you demonic tick.
-Sarah Moore

November 3, 2013
Fuck you cancer !! U took my dad after 4 months fuck u I hate u why couldn't u leave him alone

November 1, 2013
Fuck you cancer! You took my mam away from me 13/11/2013 she was just gone 50 and I'm 20 I've to live the rest of my life without her because of you! And now not even a month after she was taken because of you I find out my grand has cancer for the 2nd time! Fuck you cancer!! I hate you more then anything in this world!!
-Steph fallon

October 30, 2013
Fucking Cancer !!! You have killed on August first my boyfriend, my everything, you fucking murderer !!! I hate you for the pain en sorrows that you cost him and leaving me here without him. Why ???? You fucking asshole !!! But you never kilo my love for him ! Fuck you

October 10, 2013

October 8, 2013
You took the best part of me my dadddddd.......Christ is risen ....FUCK YOU CANCERRRRR

October 7, 2013
FUCK YOU CANCER! you took away my best friend! it was a dog which i had since 1st grade and i always loved her and so close too and now i have to watch her struggle to keep alive :( :( :( :( :(

October 6, 2013
I just want to say FUCK OFFFFFFF and leave me alone!!!!! I'm SO SICK of dealing with you, cancer!!! Just FUCK OFFFFF!!! That feels a bit better :) thanks x

September 30, 2013
Fuck you cancer please don't take away my big brother. You already took our dad last year. Fuck

September 28, 2013
Fuck you fucking cancer you take the most beautiful person in the world an angel from heaven I would lose my arm to save her you fucking bastard id kill I'd cry fuck cancer

September 19, 2013
ok you have me cancer, you have my arse, my lungs and who knows what else you'll get. You can claim me but you can't claim the life I lived, the memories I have...you can only claim the future so fuck off and find some other cunt to play with you sad sad sack

September 17, 2013
You took both my grandma's, my grandpa and now you have my aunt? Fuck you, cancer. And fuck everything that causes cancer too. Fuck you for breaking my mother's heart over and over. And fuck the fact that no one can find a cure that doesnt hurt you just as much as the cancer. WE ARE BREAKING UP, CANCER. NOBODY HAS TIME FOR YOU.

September 16, 2013

September 3, 2013
Fuck you, Cancer. My best friend was minding his own business, then you showed up, like an uninvited salesperson in the middle of wake at a family home. You are as welcome as a shit in a swimming pool or a pubic hair in a pint glass. Fuck you. Fuck everything to do with you. I hate you. If you were a person I would beat you to death with your own limbs after I had ripped them off. You're a cunt. Fuck you.

September 2, 2013
FUCK U CANCER and ALL ur fucking related chemo & therapies you FUCKN PARASITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 1, 2013
Fuck you, you fucking fuck cancer. Tonight my Dad loses his six month battle with you and you're taking the best person I'll ever know. I hate you.
-Marcel Reinard

August 22, 2013
Fuck you and fuck you more and again. You fucking low life cowardly sneaky ballsack. You are shit. I want my daddy back. Fuck you.
-Emily Ward

August 17, 2013
FUCK U CANCER its my job to look after my family and peaple i love. So FUCK U CANCER. PS. u owe me a dog you fucking selfish bastard
-Jon b

July 20, 2013
Fuck you cancer!! You're about to take the life of my beautiful grandma that i love dearly. Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!

July 18, 2013
FUCK YOU CANCER! On May 1st you took My Mom after ravaging her body and soul. 6 months of pure hell, from the day we found out about you until the day she left us. My life will never be the same.....FUCK YOU!

July 18, 2013
Fuck you cancer. I never got to me my granddad because he died before I was born because of you. You also took my brother's best friends sister last year she was only 23 years old. SO FUCK YOU CANCER.

July 17, 2013

July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013
My Sister Cathy, an my Dad Ron both have fucking cancer ... fucking bastard cancer ... my dad has a few weeks left and they gave my sister 6 months to a year ... my dads cancer has spread all over and they say that all treatments have been exhausted ... my beloved sister has pancreatic cancer stage 4 and treatment wont help, so they say. Fucking bastard companies (like Monsanto) who create these genetically modified foods that poison us all ... mother fucking cancer, son of a bitch, piece of low-life shit ... Im not even close to done fighting with you mother fucking cancer
-Cindy Doucet

June 27, 2013
Fuck cancer!!! It took my sweetest dreams away from me. Those dreams of one day seeing my kids play with my grandfather as I once did. Having him at my high school graduation, college graduation as I became his first grandchild to receive a degree, my wedding day and days I delivered my children.

June 23, 2013
My husband's cancer has returned and I'm SO FUCKING MAD!!!! I wish I could just lay the anger down, but it seems like everyone and everything just really pisses me off. WHY????? is this our journey? WHY???? I would love to have an answer to that question.

June 11, 2013
A big fuck you to cancer you're an absolute prick! My poor Nan that has to endure such pain you bring and to others ! You not only hurt the patient but the love ones that surround them

May 30, 2013
cancer: taking the most wonderful, beautiful people and taking them threw hell. FUCK YOU CANCER -t

May 19, 2013
I was so close to my manager, I used to spend more time with her than I did my mum and dad. Two weeks ago you took her. Fuck you. you took my mums best friend, she was lost without her. Fuck you. My aunt is fighting with you just now but you won't have her so fucked you

May 13, 2013
Just found out yesterday that my dad (most likely) has lymphoma (meets with oncologist tomorrow). It looks like he has 5 or 6 enlarged lymph nodes already. He's already survived pancreatic cancer (22 years clean) and now this. FUCK YOU CANCER.

May 8, 2013
5yrs gone this year and i miss you much bro. effoff cncr for all those in the fight!

May 6, 2013
FUCK YOU CANCER. You will not beat me, my babies need me. My husband needs me. We've cut you out of my body and we're going to chemo your ass to hell. FUCK OFF! YOU CAN@T HAVE ME!!!
-Peta Kaye

April 8, 2013
Dear Cancer,you tried to destroy my body and my spirit, but fuck you. I was stronger than you and won the battle so fuck off!!! -Shy

March 25, 2013
You have ruined everything! You took my poor grandma away from me when I needed her the most and now she is gone, I will never ever see her again :'( Cancer, fuck you so much, I hope that one day you will get lost forever and ever.

February 24, 2013
Fuck you, cancer. You took my dad, my grandpa, my grandma, my aunt. You left my mom alone in her early 50's. You left my brother depressed. He's not going to school. He's flunked every class since you took my dad. Our house used to be full of music. My dad was an awesome guitar player. I miss the sound of his blues and rock and roll. I'll never him play again. FUCK YOU CANCER. He won't be at my wedding. He won't hear the songs I write, read the stories I create. He won't meet my kids. He will be a million words in stories that will never do him justice, instead of the brilliant being I used to know and love. Fuck you, cancer. It wasn't time for him to go.

February 6, 2013
Fuck cancer. Fok kanker. qij kancerit. ?????? ???????. x?rç?ng atd?rmaq. Fuck minbizia. ???? ?? ???. ????????? ???. ?????. Fuck rakovinu. Rend kræft. neuken kanker. betchot kanser. Baisez le cancer. ficken Krebsgeschwür. ????? ??? ????????. ?? ung th?.

January 19, 2013
Fuck you cancer you took my dad/best friend of 30 years and i will never get that back.. i fucking hate you i wish i could go rounds with you in a ring you piece of shit.. fuck you cancer
-chris baack

January 15, 2013
Fuckin piece of shit! Ooooooo you motherfucker!! You took my mother from me you bastard! She was a great woman. She was my best friend. Having to watch my mother pass is the hardest thing I've ever done. You stole her from me. I fuckin hate you for that! I hate you like you can't believe! Hate isn't even a strong enough word to describe how I feel towards you cancer! I'd do anything to see her and hear her voice again, FUCK YOU CANCER!! FUCK YOU!!!
-Frank S

January 7, 2013
Get fucked cancer, you took my dad and my dad in law within two weeks of each other last year and still not satisfied, now you have invaded my wife, well get fucked cos you ain't getting her too, you are the lowest form of shit ever you sneaky bastard.
-Mark Burton

December 18, 2012
I am here to tell you cancer I am going to make you my bitch! I am 42 and have a four year old little boy and YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME AWAY FROM HIM!!!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BODY!!!!!!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED BITCH!

December 5, 2012
FUCK YOU CANCER!!!! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!! I hate you so fucking much!!!! You took away my mommy!!! You took away my babies' grandma!!!! She was fighting you and you broke her down you BASTARD!!!! I didn't get the chance to tell her my secret....she was gonna be a grandma again....but you took her from me!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

December 5, 2012
FUCK YOU STOMACH CANCER!!! Fuck you for taking away my Mommy! Shes the strongest person I know...shes my hero & you stole her away from me! FUCK YOU! You dont deserve such a beautiful person. You should've taken me!!! FUCK YOU!

December 5, 2012
FUKK U CANCER!! You took my mommy away from me on Monday, we had appts to get u out of her fukkin body on Tuesday!!! I fukkin hate u, I can't function.. She's my heart and u fukkin tore it outta my body!! I wanna throat punch u so bad.. Kill urself the way u took my mom!! Fukk u stomach cancer.. FUKK YOU!!!!

November 18, 2012
Fuck you cancer. Take my fucking mother away from me. Mum and I against the world. now its just me. fuck you cancer. she was the kindest, gentlest, most generous and hardworking person I have and will ever meet I'm going to break your fucking face cancer. I'm going to make your life so miserable you wish you'd never knocked on my door. fuck you cancer. fuck you.

November 15, 2012
FUCK YOU CANCER!!! You are taking my friend and I'm Pissed.. He's One of the good ones, a real man, kindhearted, giving, honest, forthright, a man who loves God... He Never deserved this kind of Hell... When He gets Home he will Shine, He will be Happy & Whole again... Fuck You Cancer!!!
-Deborah Montelongo

November 14, 2012
You fucking wicked cunt to work your sneaky way into my husband and make him feel so bad. I hate you so much. They will get you one day. Fuck off you fucking wicked shit

October 19, 2012
Yesterday one of the biggest loveable assholes in the world was told he has inoperable terminal cancer. Fuck you cancer! With my support and with everyone else that loves him we will overcome you, he will survive. Only the good die young, not assholes. Pun intended.

October 12, 2012

October 10, 2012
You took my mother after her fighting you for 7 years, but you won't get my daughter. Here is a big fuck you cancer and kiss my brown ass. P.S. Fuck you!

October 5, 2012
fuck you cancer!!! you took my baby girl from me, she didn't have to go. she was only 7... she never deserved to die, she was full of life, always silly, my best friend, she saved my life and made me feel loved and needed again... she was my beautiful pit bull. FUCK YOU CANCER for taking her from us. she wasn't yours to have.

October 3, 2012
FUCK YOU, CANCER! YOU LOSE! A wonderful kid got a clean scan last week. We will not stop kicking your ass until you go down for the last fucking time.

September 30, 2012

September 28, 2012
FUCK YOU CANCER! I wasn't finished with my dad yet. There was still so much from him I had yet to learn! Fuck You! FUCK you! fuck YOU! FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!
-Dana Dobbs

August 17, 2012
Dear Breast Cancer, When you came along I was a normal person. You thought you could steal my dreams and mess with my life. I stood on the shoulders of an amazing family and super tough friends. I carried you 140.6 miles to show you what I'm made of. Now you're gone and kicked back to hell where you belong. Don't think twice about coming back because now I'm an Ironman and way to tought for you. Cheers, Leslie P.S. Oh, FUCK YOU!!!!
-Leslie Miller

August 1, 2012
FUCK YOU CANCER!!! You took My Moms 40yr sister-Stage 4 Breast Cancer,My 70yr old Grandfather- Prostate Cancer,And you took My Best Friend's Life @ AGE 30 !!of Stomach Cancer.FUCK YOU!!!!! AND A BIG FUCK YOU FOR MY CANCER @ 31 yrs old!!! Stage 2 testicular cancer which spread into my lymphnoids behind my heart.FUCK YOU!! The chemo treatments,the medication,the needles,the sickness,the nerve damage,the surgery's and that fucking MEDIPORT FUCK YOUUUUUUU!! You may have took one of my testicle's,and gave me severe sensory neurpothy(FOR LIFE) with 50% feeling in my hands/feet, and beat me into the ground.But FUCK YOU I put a bat to your face & shaved my head before you could take my hair you FUCK and went to work between chemo treatments respirator and all.Mountain biking with numb feet is a challenge SO FUCK YOU!! I DO 8 MILES OF TECHNICAL SINGLETRACK TRAILS EVERYOTHER DAY !!! FUCK INFECTION, FUCK NERVE DAMAGE, AND FUCK YOU. YOU CAN FUCK UP MY BODY , BUT YOU CAN'T TOUCH MY SOUL!!!
-Mike Roe

July 25, 2012
My husband died 4-10-12 from stage IV colorectal cancer. I have been diagnosed with Leukemia..Cancer Sux..the treatment os worst than the desease..so to you cancer I say F U cancer, you took my best friend, husband, and love of my life but you will nevertake away my hope, and faith......

July 19, 2012
FUCK YOU CANCER!!!! You took my mom and less than 3 months later you took my fiance! My heart aches like I never thought it could. I am grateful that God took them away from all their suffering, but still so damned angry that they had to suffer at all. The treatment of this nasty fucking disease is just as fucked up as the disease itself! We need a cure. Until then, we need more humane treatment! FUCK YOU CANCER!

June 6, 2012
I am desperate, my mouth sticky with just one question. Will my son die? Writing it invites madness inside of me. There are many moments I vividly recall of his life with me so far, none of which would I trade for anything. And now there are new moments, moments I would trade for just about anything. The moment a woman I had never met explained to myself and his father that he had Leukemia, the moment that same women explained that he came up positive for a rare chromosomal abnormality that pretty much guaranteed his demise. I hate these moments, I wish nothing more than to burn them, bury them, murder them. Before this, I thought I had known crazy, known what it is to hate; I was very wrong. Crazy is watching my son suffer, hatred is in my anger and fear that I will go home without him. Fuck Cancer, Fuck you, I promise my little dude is going to fuck you up!!!

May 30, 2012
My aunt had this f*cking disease and passed away at 43. My dad got lung cancer, fought through it and "only" lost part of his ribs and lung. Now my mom has lung cancer as well, she can't get the fucking tumor removed and just had surgery to remove the surrounding cancerous tissue. As a "bonus" she had a stroke during the surgery. I am so angry at this damn disease and just want it to DIE. Fuck you!!!

May 21, 2012
This is a poem entitled, Fuck cancer. Fuck cancer. Fuck hurt. Fuck pain. Fuck chemo. Fuck Wednesdays. Fuck this emotion. Fuck those nights awake, unable to sleep. Fuck the pills. Fuck those side effects. Fuck tears. Fuck nightmares. Fuck regrets. Fuck things you wish that don’t come true. Fuck sad songs. Some times it doesn’t seem real. Fuck oxygen hoses. Fuck seeing him unable to do things he loves. Fuck all of his pain. Anything else I forgot to mention, fuck that too. But fuck, that’s cancer. Fuck you, cancer.

May 13, 2012
I was diagonsed with melanoma in september and it continues to spread and slowly take over my body. Monthly removals and I've got surgery coming up in July. I've still got my head high and I haven't given up on myself. I'm here fighting back. Not giving up... I would like to say "FUCK CANCER"..... You may take parts of my body, but you wont take my hope. Someday we'll find a way to kick Cancer's ass. Till then just keep saying "Fuck Cancer"

April 18, 2012
Almost two years ago my husband lost is best friends (like a brother to him) to a 9 month battle with leukemia. He was a wonderful man, father, serviced his country in Marines, worked for the CDC helping to find cures for illness, active member in his church, and community. Why him? Every year my husband and I do a large baking event and sell cookies/baskets for he holiday and donate the money to cancer projects in his name. We spend many hours and hope to raise more money as the years go on.

April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012
-Mitchell Trotter

March 29, 2012
Fuck you cancer. I'm sitting here watching my brother take his last breaths. I'm sitting here watching my brother's wife hold his hand wishing that something miraculous will happen, but you know it won't. Just a few mins ago I held down my brother so that the nurse could inject him with more drugs. There's a first time for everything, and this is mine. My dad just left, so exhausted from this trial. I can't even imagine what my parents are going through. The only thing that comes to mind is, fuck you, cancer, fuck you all the way to hell.

March 27, 2012
fuck off cancer you ugly cunt!!!

March 27, 2012
Cancer, You caused a lot of misery in nearly everyones lives, I hope everyone involved with cancer wins the battle! so I'm going to say it for you lot... FUCK CANCER!

March 27, 2012
Fuck you cancer. You took my sister and almost kill my other sister and her daughter. We soon will find a way to destroy you, until then you can screw yourself.

March 8, 2012
Dear Cancer. At 22 months old you invaded my little girl's body. It's been a long 2 yr fight and she's now doing great! 3 more months of treatment and this nightmare is over. So Cancer, FUCK OFF and don't dare coming around here no more! You're one ugly bitch! Sincerely, Sierra's Dad/

March 8, 2012
After almost killing my wife, and screwing up everything from our finances to my kids childhood, FUCK YOU CANCER! WE KICKED YOUR ASS BITCH!
-Brian Teal

March 8, 2012
Cancer I hate you so fucking much. You are slowly eating away my Grandpa's life. There is nothing I can do. I am going to miss him so much. Fuck you Cancer. Fuck Off -Andrew

March 8, 2012
Fuck you cancer. Get well soon Edd. (Eddsworld)

December 19, 2011
You're dumb cancer! I hate you cancer! Fuck off!

December 19, 2011
Fuck you cancer! You took my best friend and uncle, but you will never take me!
-Marcus Byrd

October 21, 2011
Back off cancer...I've got trails to ride! Twelve years clear, no cancer here. Can't wait to have thirteen years under my belt!

October 5, 2011
4 bouts,stage 4 and15 years,shit I'm only 46. The plus side is 4bout,stage4 and 15 years of fighting.I made it to 46 Yea! FUCK YOU CANCER!!!

October 5, 2011
Cancer: You took my brother, my beloved dog. I'm sick of it and doing everything I can to kick your ass. LiveSTRONG in Austin a week from Sunday!

October 4, 2011
Cancer, you took my mom and you took my dad. And you tried to take me. FU, I got things to do.

September 15, 2011
My friend Matt passed away last week from a very short battle with cancer. As sad as it was to see my friend go, it was very cool to see his family rally behind him. I miss my friend already. RIP Matt.

September 4, 2011
Hang in there Matt - everyone is pulling for you. I wish so much my friend wasn't sick. :( F U Cancer.

August 25, 2011
Dear Cancer! You can go F yourself! You took my Fiance and my uncle and my friend! Despite that pain, you will not take my spirit. On October 8th, I will channel all that pain into attempting to finish an Ironman. When I cross the line, that's you losing!
-D B